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Share screenshots and images in Ubuntu – the easy way

May 13, 2010 1 comment

A post after a long time … I’ve just been reminded of the existence of this blog by wordpress 😉 So i thought i should do something to keep it alive .. So , this is a nifty way to share your images & screenshots with others in Ubuntu .

Uploading screenshots and images after capture and cropping has been a nasty problem for me in Ubuntu . Here’s they way I made it easy …
Usually it is a heck of a process involved in taking a screen capture , crop it with gimp and then load the image host in the browser and upload it . Here are some tools to simplify this process :

Note : I recommend Imageshack since it supports Hotlinking and has an official uploader for Ubuntu .

Install Shutter program in Ubuntu for taking screenshots . It has really usable feature like taking out only a part of the screen , a window , menus and even tooltips ..
sudo apt-get install shutter

Shutter main  window

Install Nautilus Imageshack Uploader .

Don’t forget to install the uploader given in the page . gdebi ‘ll take care of the dependencies ..
This gives an ” Open With Imageshack Uploader ” in the context menu . You just click it and the image is uploaded to imageshack as a Guest account .

If you want to upload it to your account , Please download and install the official Imageshack uploader from imageshack . You can download the .deb package from here :

Download Imageshack official Uploader

Imageshack Uploader
If you use flickr or facebook to host your images , try installing :
Flickr n Facebook desktop Tool for Ubuntu