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Why I hate the Communist party ??

October 16, 2009 4 comments

I can’t believe I spent time in writing this . Maybe I’ll stick to this a bit longer. Anyways , what i’m gonna write about is my hate towards this relic called the Communist party of India(marxist or the other thing) . Yeah , I definitely described it a relic , coz i don’t think this thing called communism or marxism or whatever you call it has any place in today’s world . Well maybe not everywhere , I can’t be that rude 😉 It definitely has its own place in an upper primary school history textbook as one of the worst intellectual disasters of mankind. Now the reader can gauge my love towards this thing from my words . And now I come to what the title suggests . There’s gotta be reasons for my passionate dislike . Well , here they are :

  • Fancy and Unrealistic ideology : The ultimate aim of communism is a Classless Society . While the means is great , the way is not at all feasible or practical . The establishment of a classless society by force,violence and taking away freedom will only result in discontent and inequality . Communism by far is just an Utopian dream .

  • Use of violence to achieve the means : Violence by whatever fancy name you call it like Revolution or whatever , is never the right way to meet an end . Violence has always been the trademark of the communist party everywhere in the world . From the Bolshevik bloodbath to the Naxalism and Maoist terrorism in India , communism to me is just Terorrism and nothing else . In fact We see this in our own daily life .

  • Forget Freedom : Communist doctrines preach the Forceful abolishment of Private Property to attain equality . State controls everything , from production to industries to human life . A man doesn’t have anything as his own . Human rights has no value in such a state . And STATE is nothing but a fancy term for a group of Communist fanatics . In short , a group of people controls everything . China is a wonderful example of such a state . Single party rule is nothing but denial of basic rights . You are at the mercy of the state for even the basic necessities of life .                               “BIG BROTHER is watching … ”

  • Atheism : This alone is enough for me to hate any principle that even boasts of transforming earth into a heaven . By denying the Primary Force that sustains the Universe with blatant and rubbish arguments , Communism has dug its own grave . Science and reasoning can’t explain everything . If it were , there would be no wars or famines on earth . Science hasn’t even got a single theory to explain the universe . For big things , we’ve classical physics and at the atomic level we’ve Quantum Theory and both are mutually contradictory in their basics . Then , how am I supposed to get everything from science ??

  • Communism leads to Tyranny : A communist state has all probability to transform itself into a tyrannic form of government like in China . The main problem is that such a Party ruled govt. will be very very stable and it will be virtually impossible for the people to overthrow it . So once you got into it , it’s all done . In the novel 1984 , Orwell depicts such a situation through the virtual state of Oceania .

  • Prejudiced and arrogant view of able people : They call the rich and powerful people by the term Bourgeoisie and term them as the bad or evil guys responsible for everything bad . They don’t realize that these so called Evil people were not born rich . They became so by their hard work and abilities . Not all rich ones are evil doers . If majority of people live in poverty , I think the entire responsibility is theirs alone . If they can’t do it right , why blame the ones who did it right ?? So I personally think Communists are a bunch of desperate underachievers .

  • Here is one of my favorite videos about Communism . (it’s pro-American , which I’m not, but i like the way communist ideas are depicted ):

This list is in fact very long and so I end it here (atleast for now .. ) . Now I am gonna describe the reasons for my hate towards The CPI/M of India specifically :

  • Uneducated and uncultured leaders : Most CPI/M leaders in India doesn’t even ‘ve primary education . I still can’t forget when during their stupid agitation against the American nuclear treaty , a communist leader asked “Why should we even use nuclear enregy , Why not use Coal instead ?? ” . I don’t think we ever had a great civilized minister than our own beloved Sudhakaran … By the way , I like him 😉

  • Impeding technological advancements : The communists in India are known for their disgust towards new technologies . Nobody can forget their movement against computers a few years back . Well maybe that’s coz a computer is way beyond their intellect 😉

  • Inappropriate use of the term Socialism : Socialism means equality in the Indian constitution .Social equality means all are equal before law and has equal status and opportunities. The communist folks think that it is the same as the weird socialism as used in the long gone Communist Russia and China . They abuse the word every now and then . As Chief Justice K.G.Balakrishnan has observed : “Why do you take socialism in a narrow sense defined by communists? In broader sense, it means welfare measures for the citizens. It is a facet of democracy.”

  • America and CIA is behind everything going awkward for them : This is the most funny part . They say CIA is trying to crush them . They blame America for everything from floods to the latest Lavalin . What I don’t understand is, why on earth should America even care about these guys . Communist party can’t even be called a national party . It is in power in just three states . And when the next assembly election in Kerala is over , no one has any doubt over the fate of these desperate guys 😛  They are too good at screwing up themselves and that doesn’t need any helping hand from the Americans .

  • Submission towards China : I think they should first rename to Communist Party of China in India (CPCI) or something like that . Most of the times , they display their allegience towards China . They act like Chinese agents in India . Who can forget the CPM’s Pro-China stance during the Indo China War ?? (Even Jyothi Basu belonged to this pro-China faction .. ) I think China is the only real enemy of India . Pakistan is nowhere near them .

  • Promoting Naxalite and Maoist violence : They still ‘ve a sympathetic approach towards these anti nationals . In fact , Naxalites and Maoists operate on the principles of Marxism . Use of Violence is a founding principle of the communists and it’s no wonder that they use it .

  • The wonderful Communist government of Kerala : If there’s anything I feel ashamed of being a Keralite , it’s just that the God’s own country is ruled by a bunch of morons who are only good for chopping of the heads and toes of their opponents and corruption . Kerala hasn’t seen a rule like this . I doubt if there’s even anything called rule going on here when reading news about the recent hype surrounding the new superheroes of our state – the Goondas .

Well , this post is already getting too long and I don’t want to worsen it further . However,a few last words ‘ll do . First of all , I being a strong opposer of communism doesn’t mean I’am a die hard Congress supporter . In fact I’am not and never will be a blind follower of any party or ideology . In fact , its people above everything . But I strongly believe that Congress is the only right candidate that can lead the country today . First of all , it is not haunted by any ideological dogmas .

If something is good for the people and the country , they can do it . They just don’t need to look up any LENINIST-STALINIST text book to verify if it is doable or not . They are free from prejudices . Of course there maybe certain elements of minor problems within the party . But such kind of problems can be sorted out very easily .

Okay , I end this up here . In fact the list of reasons is longer than this . If someone is reading this , feel free to comment . Bye ..